What is FuturFund?

FuturFund was founded in 2014 by two high school students in their senior year. Three years later, it has grown to be the largest student-run non-profit organization in the financial literacy space.

As a by-youth-for-youth initiative, we know our generation the best. We know what makes the millennials tick and we’re on a mission to spread financial literacy awareness by providing a platform for high school and university students to learn necessary tools and skills in order to make important financial decisions. Our main goal is to empower the next generation, and we’re dedicated in bringing financial literacy to all youth across Canada.

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Financial Literacy Youth Network

Want to make an impact in the Financial Literacy Scene in Canada? Check out FLYN.

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Our Team

Meet the FuturFund Team! Here’s why each of them think Financial Literacy is sexy:

What can get sexier than knowing how to make money work for you?

Katherine Tang, Co-Founder

#FinLit is sexy because I can go after every opportunity thrown my way without worrying about the money.

Sara Raza, Co-Founder

What else is hotter than a romance with finance?

Bohan Jiang, Co-Chair

To me, financial literacy is sexy because it reveals confidence and security, and who wouldn’t want that by their side?

Clara Mustata, Co-Chair

It’s soooo sexy when you you can make it rain with the proper knowledge of how to manage the dollaaa bills properly!

Uswa Zahoor, Director of Communication

Financial literacy is sexy because it is all about saving money and rich people are sexy. Haha.

Cindi Ding, London Chapter Director

Financial Literacy is in short the understanding of money and its functions. What’s more sexier than money?

Nik Malik, London Chapter Director

Who doesn’t like a classy lad or lady with a knack for finance? It matters when you’re finding a mate and helps you avoid future (financial) problems.

Amanda Yang, Director of Design

Financial literacy is sexy because financial literacy means freedom! Understanding and managing your finances means you can be in control of what happens to your money, and make your own choices. Financial literacy is the key to a successful future.

Rayne Fisher-Quann, Director of Communications

Financial literacy is one of the first steps to a healthy work-life balance!

Michael Kim, Director of Technology

Can’t get more lit than financial LITeracy!

Jason Liu, Director of Technology

The basics of human essentials, food, water, shelter are all exchanged through currency these days. Now I am all about living my best life and nothing is sexier or more appealing than being the best at staying alive; knowing how to spend my money the right way.

Lisa Pei, Director of Projects

Nothing is sexier than knowing that you don’t have to live pay cheque to pay cheque — or knowing that you can!

Rabih Halabi, Director of Projects

Financial literacy is sexy because it’s going to be a major part of everyone’s future, and improved understanding on this topic just means everyone’s future will be that much better.

Alice Feng, Director of Graphics

Cash is king, let me be queen.

Sherry Cheng, Director of Graphics

Money is a great servant, but a terrible master. I’d like to make my money work for me, instead of me spending my days working for money!

Rajat Patel, London Chapter Director

Someone who takes charge of their finances knows how to take charge in other matters. Nothing’s sexy about having your finances in 50 shades of grey.

Sianne Kuang, Toronto Hackathon Lead

Mind Over Money Campaign

The campaign’s purpose is to get dialogue started to make honest conversations about money easier to explore.

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