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What is FuturFund?

FuturFund was founded in 2014 by two high school students in their senior year. Three years later, it has grown into the largest student-run non-profit organization in the financial literacy space.

As a by youth for youth initiative, we know our generation the best. We know what ticks the millennials and we’re on a mission to get financial literacy in the streets, raise awareness, and provide a platform for high school and university students to learn necessary tools and skills in order to make important financial decisions. Our goal is to empower the next generation.

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Our Team

Meet the FuturFund Team! Here’s why each of them think Financial Literacy is sexy:

What can get sexier than knowing how to make money work for you?

Katherine Tang, Co-Chair

#FinLit is sexy because I can go after every opportunity thrown my way without worrying about the money.

Sara Raza, Co-Chair

What else is hotter than a romance with finance?

Bohan Jiang, Director of Technology

To me, financial literacy is sexy because it reveals confidence and security, who wouldn’t want that by their side?

Clara Mustata, Director of Communications
Nothing says “date me” more than bringing up your TFSA!
James Newman, Toronto Conference Director

Financial literacy is sexy because it is all about saving money and rich people are sexy. Haha.

Cindi Ding, London Chapter Director

Financial literacy is in short the understanding of money and its functions. What’s more sexier than money?

Nik Malik, London Chapter Director

Who doesn’t like a classy lad or lady with a knack for finance? It matters when you’re finding a mate and helps you avoid future (financial) problems.

Amanda Yang, Director of Graphic Design

Financial Literacy is sexy because being financially literate is empowering.

Amanda Mirizzi, Ottawa Chapter Director

Having money is nice, knowing what to do with that money is sexy.

Ahmed Mustafa, Waterloo Chapter Director

Financial literacy is sexy because it leads to smarter choices and a brighter future.

Rida Haider, Director of Communications

One of my favorite quotes is: “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”, and that just goes on to prove how financial literacy is a prominent skill that will make you a master when it comes down to staying out of debts and student loans.

Raja Singh, Toronto Operations Lead

Financial literacy involves working with appealing stacks of income but also unattractive debts, both what make it sexy and interesting to learn about.

Ya Jing Liu, Toronto Operations Lead

Financial literacy is sexy because it’s going to be a major part of everyone’s future, and improved understanding on this topic just means everyone’s future will be that much better.

Alice Feng, Director of Graphic Design

Money is a great servant, but a terrible master. I’d like to make my money work for me, instead of me spending my days working for money!

Rajat Patel, London Operations Lead
Financial literacy is sexy, so are fat stacks of cash. No financial literacy, no fat stacks.
Bryce Atkinson, Ottawa Operations Lead

I think financial literacy is sexy because it helps me to be stable. Being financially stable provides me with the freedom to be spontaneous without feeling like I have been punch in the stomach when I look at my bank account the next day. Nothing is sexier than being able to do what I want to do.

Dalton Bakke, Ottawa Operations Lead

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