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FuturFund has proudly instilled financial literacy within high school students and their communities for the past 4 years.


FuturFund’s first year started with the development of a small conference at a local high school in Mississauga. This allowed us to gain experience – we networked and cold emailed sponsors and were able to recruit 100 delegates for a fun-packed day. In the second year, we opened up the FuturFund conference to the Greater Toronto Area. We hosted the conference for 150 delegates at Branksome Hall in Toronto. With keynote presentations and intimate workshops, delegates were able to learn the importance of financial literacy and basic skills such as budgeting and saving.


Our team loves FuturFund. We hope to extend the FuturFund brand all over Ontario. With our conference in Toronto filling up in three days – one conference is not enough – we want more conversation about financial literacy in more communities.  Our journey has been fuelled by kind, passionate people. In our first year, we reached out to many organizations and received tremendous support from them. Last year, something remarkable happened – people and organizations started reaching out to us themselves, asking to participate in our conference and offering any way to help. Our shared enthusiasm and their kind-heartedness motivate us to keep doing what we do.

Our approach is interactive – we want to engage high school students and demonstrate that financial literacy is a universal skill that is applicable in every career. We want high school students to be proactive.


We are excited for the upcoming year. We’ve expanded our team into Waterloo, London, and Ottawa. We’ll be taking FuturFund directly to high school students by going into their community with a one-stop shop FuturFund workshop that introduces high school students to financial literacy and focuses on key skills. At the same time, with all our connections in the financial literacy community and beyond, we hope to bring in guest speakers and connect high school students to professionals who can speak to their unique experiences with financial literacy.


Here are some media outlets that FuturFund has been recognized and featured in:

• Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Bi-annual newsletter
• Guest Blog Post at Proliteracy.ca
• Guest Blog Post at Sean Cooper Writer
• Feature on InsideToronto.com
• My Voice Magazine

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