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A Diversified Team With A Passion For Financial Literacy.



There’s nothing sexier than knowing what you want and how to get it.

Hey friend! My name is Katherine, and I’m a second year student studying Psychology at Western University. As a huge #fintech nerd and a got-things-done junkie, I would love to become a social entrepreneur in the future. Oh – and I’m a big fan of volleyball, French, and peanut butter. If any of the above resonates with you, feel free to reach out via social media – I would love to chat!



Money may not grow on trees but if you have good Finlit skills it will grow anyway.

Hi! I’m Sara, a second year student studying Economics at Western University. I’m excited and look forward to combining my interests in entrepreneurship and literacy in the future. I’m a passionate learner, a driven leader, and I love to stay involved within the community. A die-hard poetry enthusiast and a lover of spoken word, I also enjoy reading books recommended to me!


Director of Technology 

What else is hotter than a romance with finance?

Hey Everyone! I currently study Computer Science and Business at Western University. In my spare time, you can find me intently staring at my computer screen for hours. If you’d liked to chat, check out my website or shoot me an email message. 🙂


Director of Communications

To me, financial literacy is sexy because it reveals confidence and security, and who wouldn’t want that by their side?

Hello everyone! My name is Clara and I am very excited to be on the FuturFund team as one of the Communications Directors this year! I currently attend Western University studying Social Sciences. I am a piano-playing, public-speaking, music-loving nerd with a genuine passion for meeting new people and trying new experiences.


Director of Communication 

Financial Literacy is sexy because it leads to smarter choices and a brighter future.

I currently study Medical Radiation Sciences at McMaster University. I am a community leader who enjoys working with people. I, also, appreciate good thrift store finds and giant chocolate chip cookies.


Director of Design 

Who doesn’t like a classy lad or lady with a knack for finance? It matters when you’re finding a mate and helps you avoid future (financial) problems.

I’m currently a grade 12 student enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. Talk typography to me. I love art, design, and tea! I’m interested in how I can join my passion for art with marketing and entrepreneurship.


Director of Graphic Design 

Financial literacy is sexy because it’s going to be a major part of everyone’s future, and improved understanding on this topic just means everyone’s future will be that much better.

I’m currently a grade 11 student at Thornhill Secondary School with an interest in design aesthetics. In my spare time, I like reading science fiction or fantasy novels and hanging out with my goldfish.


London Chapter Director 

Financial Literacy is Sexy because it is all about saving money and rich people are sexy. Haha.

My name is Cindi Ding, and I am currently studying Financial Modelling at Western University. Currently, I am the Chapter Director of London for FuturFund. My hobbies include Netflix, eating food, going running, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. I also really enjoy meeting new people so please don’t hesitate to approach/message me!


London Chapter Director 

Financial Literacy is in short the understanding of money and its functions. What’s more sexier than money?

Hey there! My name is Nik Malik. I’m currently a student studying computer science at the university of Western Ontario. This year, I’ll be serving on the FuturFund team as a London Chapter Director, exploring new initiatives and trying to help FuturFund grow. To keep this short I’ll describe myself in two brief sentences: I love food. I love talking. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, I’m looking forward to a great year!


London Operations Lead

Money is a great servant, but a terrible master. I’d like to make my money work for me, instead of me spending my days working for money!

I currently study towards a Bachelor of Medical Sciences at Western University. My favourite things to do include eating, sleeping, and hanging out with friends after a long day’s work. I’m also a sucker for a cute kitten!


Waterloo Chapter Lead

Having money is nice, knowing what to do with that money is sexy.

I currently study Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo. I am an aspiring entrepreneur who loves to be involved in the community and wants to make a difference. I love watching and playing soccer; my favourite team is FC Barcelona and my favourite player is Lionel Messi.


Ottawa Chapter Director

Financial Literacy is sexy because being financially literate is empowering.

I’m currently studying for my M.A. in Economics at Carleton University. I’m equal parts hippie, economist, and capital markets enthusiast. “Do what is easy and your life will be hard, do what is hard and your life will be easy.


Ottawa Operations Lead

Financial literacy is sexy because it helps me to be stable. Being financially stable provides me with the freedom to be spontaneous without feeling like I have been punched in the stomach when I look at my bank account the next day. Nothing is sexier than being able to do what I want to do.

My name is Dalton and I’m studying International Economics at the University of Ottawa. I hail from the bustling metropolis of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and enjoy getting out the the cabin in summer and hiding indoors in winter. I love to travel and spent last year teaching/exploring In East Asia. I’m an avid rock climber and I’m happiest when I’m just chillin’ with my dog, Lou.


Ottawa Operations Lead

Financial literacy is sexy, so are fat stacks of cash. No financial literacy, no fat stacks.

I’m an economist by day and a rock star by night. I’m currently finishing up my undergraduate in Economics at the University of Ottawa while also making beautiful music in my alternative rock band. After graduation I plan on finding a job within my field to gain experience and learn more about what the world of Economics has to offer, but no matter what I’ll always make time for music.


Toronto Conference Director

Nothing says “date me” more than bringing up your TFSA!

I’m currently studying Business Management and Organizational Studies at Western University. I look at the world, say it doesn’t have to be this way, and do something about it! Also, I really, really enjoy puns.


Toronto Operations Lead

Financial Literacy involves working with appealing stacks of income but also unattractive debts, both what makes it sexy and interesting to learn about.

I currently am enrolled in an IB Program at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute. As an enthusiastic and motivated grade 11 IB student, I am extremely interested in the huge and diverse world of health science and entrepreneurship! You can usually find me reading up on new stores, delivering motivational speeches, playing field hockey outside, or just as the local pool.


Toronto Operations Lead

One of my favorite quotes is: “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”, and that just goes on to prove how financial literacy is a prominent skill that will make you a master when it comes down to staying out of debts and student loans.

I am a grade 12 high school student interested in business and currently enrolled at Turner Fenton Secondary School. I am actively involved in entrepreneurship and business activities, having worked for the CEO of fair-trade as well as managing two school clubs called FLIC (Financial Literacy Investment Club) and TMA (Turner’s Marketing Association). I strongly believe that the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. I also don’t just preach business but apply it, which is the most prominent reason why I was offered to be a Junior Team Canada Ambassador on an International trade mission to China.