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FuturFund’s Financial Literacy Youth Network (FLYN) is a network of driven organizations that are working towards empowering individuals in Canada by breaking down the barriers they face to become financially literate. After talking to many industry leaders, FuturFund has realized that at a national level, there are very few youth-run financial literacy organizations. FLYN will be a community that share resources, spearheads initiatives and challenges the way financial literacy is being thought of today, directly by youth, for youth. 


We want to strengthen Canadian communities and give individuals the tools necessary to shape their financial future. We want to congregate ideas to shape financial literacy in Canada and become a more powerful voice for youth. As a result, we’ve established an ongoing roundtable discussion to make a change about financial literacy.

The roundtable strives to shape the national state of financial literacy for young people. We’re collaborating with various like-minded organizations across Canada to spark financial curiosity in youth and create meaningful positive change in communities and individuals. Through this discussion, we seek to learn from each other and talk about what key stakeholders in our nation can do to empower more youth in Canada.


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