Events Portfolio

Women in FinLit Night: The evening will feature a panel, workshop, and an inspiring keynote presentation from prominent women who are passionate leaders in their industry. This allows you to explore your chance to expand your network and develop long-lasting relationships with mentors you can look up to. We hope that young female students will be more aware of financial literacy necessities and be inspired by amazing women.

Annual Conference: Delves into the freedom of university but also how to pay for it and manage your finances. This will be a full day of networking, a keynote speech, hands-on experience, free goodies, and fun with your friends!

Mentorship Portfolio

Mentorship Program: The FuturFund Mentorship Program aims to pair mentors and mentees, providing them with a network of people who are there to support them. This is a fantastic opportunity to foster strong relationships, build leadership skills, and improve career development.

Community Empowerment Portfolio

FinLit Fund: The FinLit Fund provides microgrants to youth-run clubs, organizations, and nonprofits to advance financial literacy education in their respective communities. Grants will range from $100 to $250 in monetary value and resources. FuturFund will help guide the organization’s strategic direction and work in close partnership with the leadership team to provide critical resources along the way. Not only will partner organizations gain access to a plethora of valuable resources, you’ll become a member of the vast FuturFund network.